San Diego Professional Auto Detailing

How you take care of your car is a reflection of how you take care of yourself and those around you. Show your best with a San Diego Professional Auto Detailing Service.

San Diego Professional Auto Detailing

Darby’s Paint & Auto Body offers outstanding and professional auto detailing services.  Your vehicle will be completely cleaned inside & out and a sealant will protect your car surfaces so it stays fresh and clean longer.

Interior Car Detailing: You sit in your car for hours, why not make it look, feel, and smell great? Darby’s auto detailing will make the inside of your car clean, polished, and smelling fresh. Darby has the cleaning products and equipment to deep clean seats, flooring, and all surfaces. Darby can clean vinyl, leather, synthetic & natural fibers, plastics, and composite materials. With interior shampoo and deodorization, your interior will be spotless and odorless!

Exterior Car Detailing: You and your vehicle will turn heads with a professional auto detailing job. On the exterior of the car, Darby’s team will clean, paint, polish, and wax all visible surfaces. This includes windows, wheels, tires, chrome trims, and more. Darby uses the appropriate detergents (acid free degreaser, clay removers) and tools (applicators, brushes, drying towels) so your car’s original finish remains intact. Surface scratches are removed by wet & polish techniques and overspray & fallout are effectively removed.  No harsh scrubbing ever.

Darby’s Paint & Auto Body

When it comes to auto body paint and restortion, you can trust Darby’s for excellent service. Darby’s team understands the importance of customer service, thus they will do everything possible to make your car look great and make you feel good about the vehicle you drive. Whether you have an old car or a brand new one, please contact us by Email or call Darby’s Paint & Auto Body for San Diego Professional Auto Detailing Services: (619) 293-3088.