San Diego Electric Vehicle Repair Services

When you are a proud owner of an electric vehicle, nothing will stop you from keeping it in tip-top condition. For this reason, Darby’s Paint & Auto Body offers San Diego Electric Vehicle repair services.

San Diego Electric Vehicle Repair

Without a doubt, electric car vehicles are amazing feats of engineering and ingenuity. In addition to being built for design and beauty, it is also built for safety and longevity. The aluminum body is lightweight, resists corrosion, and absorbs the energy of impact during a collision. The downside is that aluminum frames are difficult to weld as compared to steel and specialized equipment is needed to do the repairs.

If you have had an accident in your electric vehicle, you will be pleased to hear that Darby’s Paint & Auto Body offers San Diego electric vehicle repair services. The team at Darby have the skills to work with the equipment necessary to repair electric vehicles according to company specifications. Whether you have a scratch, a fender bender, or a head-on collision, Darby’s Paint & Auto Body can fix your electric vehicle so it is back to factory standards.

Darby’s Paint & Auto Body

With 50+ years of experience in the auto repair industry, Darby is proud to offer San Diego electric vehicle repair services. Darby uses the newest technologies including computer color matching software to get the paint colors perfectly. The technicians are I-CAR certified and train continuously to keep up with the newest automotive developments and repair techniques.

Darby Auto understands the importance of excellent customer service and will do everything they can to make your day easier.  If you need to file an insurance claim, Darby can help you prepare and send in the appropriate paperwork. If you need a rental car, the Darby staff can help you get a rental. Customer satisfaction is a priority and Darby will go the extra mile to make your car-repair experience a good one.

Please contact us by Email or call Darby’s Paint & Auto Body for San Diego electric vehicle repair services:(619) 293-3088.