San Diego Certified Aluminum Auto Repair

Aluminum framed vehicles are superior because they are light weight, they resist corrosion, and they absorb impact-energy during a collision. However, it takes a San Diego Certified Aluminum Auto Repair Shop to repair and restore such vehicles.

San Diego Certified Aluminum Auto Repair

Pros & Cons of Aluminum:Aluminum is a great material and offers many benefits including its resistance to rust and its light weight. However, aluminum is difficult to work with. In particular, welding aluminum is vastly different from welding steel. Technicians need special training and the auto repair shop needs specialized equipment to do the job correctly.

Warranty: One thing you should consider is your manufacturer-issued warranty. If you repair your vehicle by someone who is not certified, or the shop uses parts that are not from the original manufacturer, this may void the original warranty. Protect your investment by taking your car to a certified aluminum auto repair shop which uses factory issued parts. Darby’s Paint & Auto Body is such a place.

Skills & Equipment: Whether you have a scratch, light damage, or a serious collsion, Darby’s team can restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. Darby’s Auto shop has the equipment and tools necessary to work with aluminum cars. In addition, the techinicians are experienced and highly trained to do the work with correctly. Darby uses factory-issued parts so you can be sure that your vehicle will be restored to its factory, road-ready condition.

Darby’s Paint & Auto Body

Serving San Diego for over 50 years, Darby’s is a trusted auto repair shop. The technicians are I-CAN certified which means they receive the highest level of training. In addtion, the technicians continue their training so they are up to date in the newest technologies and repair methodologies. Customer satisfaction is important and Darby will make your auto repair experience a good one. Darby offers complimentary vehicle towing, pick-up, and delivery. The staff speaks English and Spanish. As well, if you plan to file an insurance claim, Darby can help you with the necessary paperwork. Please contact us by Email or call Darby’s Paint & Auto Body for San Diego Certified Aluminum Auto Repair Services: (619) 293-3088.