San Diego Auto Vinyl Wraps

San Diego auto vinyl wraps are an excellent choice for those who want a personalized look or a company logo on their vehicle. Vinyl wraps are affordable, customizable, and removable!

San Diego Auto Vinyl Wraps

A vinyl car wrap is a thin film that is wrapped around your car like a giant sticker. Designers can make the wrap any color and have any design. This is useful for companies which want to advertise their services while on the road. For car enthusiasts, there are thousands of cool ways to customize your vehicle with personalized designs.

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps
  • Price: compared to a complete paint job on your car, vinyl wraps are much cheaper. By far, this is the leading reason as to why people choose vinyl wraps instead of a repaint.
  • Speed: Painting a car can take days or weeks because the car needs to be prepped and dry-time is needed between coats of paint. In contrast, a vinyl wrap can be installed in a day or two. This faster turn around is important to people who need their vehicles on a daily basis.
  • Options: Vinyl wraps can be of any color and can even transition from one color to another. Digital artist can design almost anything on vinyl and if you have a business, a company logo vinyl wrap is a great way to advertise. The options are almost limitless.
  • Removable: Amazingly, vinyl wraps can be easily removed so you can switch the look of your car as often as you like. For businesses who want to upgrade their fleet of vehicles, the vinyl can be easily removed and the vehicles sold.
  • Protection: people often forget this, but vinyl wraps can protect the car’s original paint. When you want to sell your car, you can peel off the vinyl and reveal the pristine paint job underneath.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Wraps

As with most things, there is a range in price and quality of vinyl wraps. If you choose a low-quality vinyl wrap, it may fade over time. Or, when you remove the vinyl wrap, it may damage the paint underneath.

Similarly, if your car has rust or a weak clear coat, the vinyl wrap may not adhere well. In fact, some of the paint flakes may be ripped off when you remove the vinyl wrap. Realistically though, it is unreasonable to expect a vinyl wrap to perform well on a rusted car or a car which has a poor paint job to begin with.

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