San Diego Auto PPF Paint Protection Film Installation

If you want to give your vehicle an extra layer of protection, hire a professional San Diego Auto PPF paint protection film installation service.

San Diego Auto PPF Paint Protection Film Installation

What is PPF? Paint protection film (PPF) is a urethane film applied to cars and other painted surfaces. The film is colorless and is also called a “clear bra” or a “clear film”. It protects painted surfaces from stone chips and minor abrasions. PPF was originally developed for military helicopters to minimize damage from shrapnel and projectiles. Later it was adopted by the car racing industry. Today, people apply PPF to high-end vehicles to protect against scuffs and scratches. Some films have self-healing capabilities and can reform itself after minor injuries.

How is PPF Installed? Installation of the paint protection film is work intensive and requires a great deal of patience and precision. The film can be pre-cut to your vehicle’s dimensions or, if pre-cuts are not available, bulk film is custom cut at the time of installation. In very simple terms, installation involves:
1) wrapping the film around parts of the car,
2) trimming the film to match the size of your car, and then
3) using a squeegy, much effort is placed into removing bubbles and creases.
When done, the film should be perfectly sized and smoothly installed onto the car’s surface.

Some vehicle owners chose to install the PPF on high impact areas such as the front bumper or the rear wheel arch where it is more likely to meet rocks and debris. Though, PPF can be applied to the entire car for extra protection. This is particularly important to enthusiasts with high-end, vintage, or custom built cars.

Cost of San Diego Auto PPF Paint Protection Film Installation

How much will this all cost? you might ask. That depends on many factors:

  • Condition of Car: Paint protection film should be applied to perfectly smooth painted surfaces. This means your car needs to be inspected and have the paint polished and buff to remove blemishes.
  • Total Area to be Covered: Do you want to install the clear bra on parts of the vehicle or over the entire vehicle? In addition to the cost of the film itself, the price will also include the work-hours required to install the film.
  • Curves and Cut Outs: The price of PPF installation also depends on how difficult the job is. For example, is it a curved surface with many contours, or is it a flat surface? Are there many cutouts (for vents) and detailing?

If you are interested in giving your car, RV, or motorcycle extra paint protection, look no further than the experts at Darby’s Paint and Auto Body. The team at Darby’s have extensive experience in clear film installation. Please contact Darby’s by Email or call to discuss your PPF options: (619) 293-3088.